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Welcome to StreamingMerch here we will tell you all about us.


My name is leon who loves playing computer games on the PS4 and also recently started playing on the PC, my streaming started on Mixer in 2019 where i became friends with so many streamers and fell in love with streaming after a few months it became clear there wasn’t many Merchandise printers in the UK and with our main business ImageOn Limited which we established in 1999 where we offer Embroidered and printed clothing all across the UK we decided that we would help our fellow streamers by offering them merchandise to sell to their viewers.


This is not an easy market to get into but we knew our quality and service was the best around so we put it to the test contacted lots of streamers on Mixer from partners to small streamers and sent out free merch for them to test, the response was just what we were expecting everyone loved the quality but also the price so StreamingMerch was formed . Then Mixer became Facebook Gaming the friends we have made had a few choices to make either move to Facebook Gaming, Twitch or Youtube. StreamingMerch decided to go to twitch.


StreamingMerch want to offer our streamers more than they will normally receive from merchandise suppliers your web stores are unique to you links to all social media platforms unlimited designs and so much more coming. We also felt that content creators should focus on what they do best and create awesome content and leave the webstore design to us.


StreamingMerch is here for all content creators on any platform we may be new to streaming but we have over 20 years in embroidery and printing so by choosing us you will make the right choice.


We do stream on twitch in the evenings so come and say hi or ask us any questions you may have we are friendly people at StreamingMerch are main aim it to give people what they want.



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